Our Service

  • MAXIMALSOUND is an online algorithmic mastering service. For each uploaded file, MAXIMALSOUND delivers a free test sample and a version for each use. After mastering, your sound will be larger.

  • Choose the VINYL option for a pre-mastering before cutting the lacquer and pressing vinyls. A VINYL file in 44.1 KHz 24 bit definition will be produced for the cutting house. The 320 kbps definition MP3 file is for sharing.

  • Choose DIGITAL for mastering a digital release. A 24-bit 96 KHz HD file will be produced. A 44.1 kHz 16 bit CD file will be produced A SAME file (same format) within the limit of 96 KHz 32 bit stereo float will be produced. The 320 kbps definition MP3 file is for sharing.

  • Fast turnaround


  • MAXIMALSOUND was born in January 2010 to offer an audio mastering service for musicians and sound producers. A demo, an album, a podcast or a video owe quality sound to their audiences. Only large productions could afford the slow and expensive services of a mastering studio before the rise of automated solutions online.

  • The MAXIMALSOUND processing is based on the physiology of human hearing. This biological approach allows to improve any audio content whether it be Ultra Synthetic Pop, Early Music, commentary or ambient sounds. The advantage of this universal approach is that it is not linked to a particular type of sound, nor a particular music genre. Whatever the source, the rendering will be louder, wider, and more natural.

  • MAXIMALSOUND offers an optimization solution for the production of vinyls. The electromechanical constraints of this respectable medium have been nested into our psychoacoustic model in order to guarantee the best possible rendering on this demanding medium. The MAXIMALSOUND pre-mastering assists the cutting engineer by guaranteeing him a perfect mastery of both level, stereo width and audio spectrum.

  • MAXIMALSOUND offers an optimization solution for digital releases. The transmitted file is processed for HD, CD, Identical, MP3. MAXIMALSOUND mastering ensures a perfect control of loudness, width and timbre even with the most stringent level normalizations.

  • At MAXIMALSOUND, the customer is not a commodity. The only information collected is an email address. Your data does not feed an artificial intelligence. The files are not posted on platforms that spoil the creators. In short, MAXIMALSOUND has chosen respect and independence like you.